Gifts to the Rho Chapter Scholarship Fund

Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a tax-exempt charitable organization formed October 4, 1988 to provide scholarships to deserving Butler University students, in particular members of Butler’s Sigma Chi Chapter. Over the years, we have raised money which is invested and its earnings used to provide scholarships. To date, over $200,000 has been awarded to Butler students. Scholarships are awarded based upon:

  • Evidence of scholarly achievement or improvement in scholastic average.
  • Display of leadership traits.
  • Service performed for Butler University, its housing units or related organizations. 

A $25,000 gift merits a permanent scholarship given in honor of the named donor twice a year. We are honored to have the following donors included in this category:

  • James F. Bash Scholarship
  • Wilson F. Daily Scholarship
  • Decker-Schaefer Scholarship
  • James K. Gross Scholarship
  • Donald E. Helm Scholarship
  • Richard A. Jackson Scholarship
  • John K. Keach, Sr. Scholarship
  • Max S. Norris, M.D. Scholarship
  • Richard A. Steele Scholarship             
  • Robert E. Walker Scholarship
  • David A. Gentry Scholarship
  • Louis S. Hensley Scholarship

Please consider a gift today. Your participation is absolutely vital to the continued success of our Fraternity. For additional giving information, such as tax deductibility and points of contact please click here