10. Risk Management - A Sigma Chi conducts himself as a high-minded man and accepts responsibility for himself and his actions. A Sigma Chi also rejects behavior which harms himself or others, including the use of illegal substances and the abuse of legal substances, and he encourages others to do likewise.

9. Famous Sigma Chis - Prominent Sigma Chis can be found in any field of endeavor, from business, entertainment, sports, education, authors, inventors, government, and science.

8. An International Organization - Sigma Chi chartered its first Canadian chapter in 1922. Now with 229 undergraduate chapters and more than 110 alumni chapters across North America and beyond, the strong brotherhood of Sigma Chi truly knows no geographical boundaries. Brothers live in and hail from all parts of the world.

7. Diversity - Sigma Chi is not just a fraternity full of blue jacket, khaki pant cutouts. We are a group of more than 186,000 living men of different ages, races and cultures. We have a wide range of temperaments, talents and convictions. We share meaningful bonds of brotherhood while maintaining our individuality.

6. Community Service - For more than 25 years, Sigma Chi has been a leader among men’s fraternities in providing support for community service projects. In 1992 Sigma Chi established an informal association with the Children’s Miracle Network, a nonprofit alliance of more than 160 children’s hospitals and health care facilities located throughout Canada and the U.S. These children’s hospitals provide care for all types of afflictions and serve all young people regardless of the family’s ability to pay. Last year Sigma Chi chapters raised close to $125,000 for CMN affiliate hospitals.

5. The Magazine of Sigma Chi - Members receive The Magazine of Sigma Chi, one of the oldest, largest and most esteemed publications in the fraternity world. Sigma Chi also offers many opportunities for leadership training and networking through the annual Leadership Training Workshop, province workshops and other alumni/undergraduate events.

4. Scholarship & Learning - According to studies conducted at Oklahoma and Oregon State Universities, fraternity men are more likely to earn a degree than nonaffiliated students. A Sigma Chi endeavors to achieve his maximum potential during his college years and continues the pursuit of knowledge throughout his lifetime. Sigma Chi provides members academic opportunities through study hours, tutoring and other means. The Sigma Chi Foundation, the Fraternity’s educational and charitable are, made available educational grants and chapter scholarships last year with the Foundation’s assets totaling more than 11 million dollars. The Fraternity itself also offers several chapter and individual awards for scholarship, chapter programming, community services and public relations, just to name a few. Our International Scholarship fund has given more scholarships than all other fraternities combined. Each member has the opportunity to earn up to $2000 in scholarships each academic year. Any pledge who earns a 3.0 GPA during pledgship automatically earns a $250 Scholarship.

3. Justice - A Sigma Chi believes in the inherent value of all individuals and he treats others with respect and dignity. Pledging Sigma Chi is a process of learning, inspiration and achievement - not one of hazing, degradation or humiliation. Sigma Chis do not practice, nor do they condone the practice of, any insensitive or abusive behavior towards any individual or group.

2. Friendship - Some of the friends you make during your college years could become your lifelong friends. The friends you make in Sigma Chi will be more than your friends - they’ll be your brothers. You will share with these men a common set of ideals, a set of guidelines for a quality life. You will learn and grow with them through college and because of the nature of your fraternal relationship, you will keep in touch with many of them well beyond your college years.

1. Ritual - Sigma Chi has its social aspects, but it is based on friendship and values. Members sharer a Ritual that cements their friendships, builds character, and emphasizes the high ideals the Fraternity is based upon. Through our Ritual, a diverse brotherhood is linked together by a common tradition and the shared goals of friendship, justice and learning.