Welcome to the first edition of our monthly newsletters! This month will feature all of the accomplishments and events from the Fall 2020 semester up until this point.

This year has brought challenges that demanded all of us to ask more of ourselves; fortunately, being called to greater action is commonplace for Sigma Chis. The brothers at Rho chapter have committed the utmost care to protect each other and our campus amidst a global pandemic. We have implemented a mask policy in the chapter house for common areas. This includes the kitchen, which has been rearranged to allow for twelve brothers to safely eat together while maintaining social distancing. We have also implemented a no-guest policy in the chapter house to further ensure the safety of our brothers. While the initial shift was difficult, we adapted quickly and have led Butler’s Greek life in innovation during the pandemic.

Our Consul, Zack O’Connor, has been working diligently with Greek life director Sarah Cohen to ensure that our rush and philanthropy events are done safely. Working with Zack and the rest of our executive team, our philanthropy co-chairs Jake Hoppman and Joseph Glasby have adapted their fundraising strategies to fit with the COVID Era. Our apparel chair Bryan Kwoun- with creative contributions from brother Jacob Estevez- designed a shirt that our philanthropy chairs then sold to campus. The delivery methods were COVID-safe and all of the proceeds were donated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This past Friday, we also held a tie-dye event on our front lawn that benefited the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The event saw an excellent turnout, and we are working towards our annual goal of raising $50k for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Our recruitment efforts have not only survived but flourished as well. This is largely due to the creativity of our rush chair, Will Dunleavy. Our first rush event of the year was simple, yet effective: hour-long time slots for freshmen to sign up and come to our porch to meet the brothers, share stories, and ask rush-related questions- all while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Approximately 60 young men signed up, and immediately we found exciting potential new members. We also held a virtual NBA 2k tournament hosted through Zoom, which gave us the opportunity to get to know the guys from the first event better. We are also taking potential new members paintballing later this month to continue building relationships with the promising guys who are interested in Sigma Chi.

Despite the increasing number of challenges we are facing lately, the executive committee and chapter as a whole have done a stellar job in adapting to new rules and regulations. Through the guidance of our advisory board and Sigma Chi Headquarters, Rho Chapter is continuing to find ways to strengthen our brotherhood and maintain our tradition during the pandemic.

Thank you for reading the first edition of our newsletter! We are currently working on a subscription feature. For the time being, stay tuned to our Linkedin, Facebook, and Website to read each month’s newsletter!

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